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Available Only at CTE:  The CALUMET CLEAN!  


Other tank wash facilities can clean your tanks, but only we can make your tank “Calumet Clean”!


Calumet Tank developed the “Calumet Clean” process to produce an unsurpassed level of cleaning excellence for our customers.    The “Calumet Clean” ten-point inspection ensures that your tank is completely clean, dry, odor free and in perfect condition for the next load!  


Each “Calumet Clean” tank has passed the rigorous inspection for these ten critical steps:

(1)   Caps cleaned out to check the cleanliness and condition of gaskets and clean out tubes;

(2)   Removal of the pressure relief valve and condition check of gaskets and clean out tubes;

(3)   Inspection of dome gasket, dome wing nuts, dome collar and seal ring;

(4)   Examination of tank interior by sight and touch from end to end;

(5)   External valve pulled and cotter key removed to check cleanliness of external valve disc;

(6)   Flashlight inspection of outlet piping;

(7)   Flashlight inspection of bottom loading lines;

(8)   Flashlight inspection of hoses;

(9)   Hose ends capped/bagged;

(10) Outlet valves capped and bagged

When service is completed, you will even receive documentation that your tank is “Calumet Clean.”


Experience the difference of a “Calumet Clean” tank! Contact us today!